EdTech 501: Week 1 Assignments

Week 1: Wednesday-Thursday | Using Collaboration Tools

google plus

Learning Objectives

  • Identify skills needed to use Google Docs.
  • Network with other EDTECH professionals using Google Plus.

Your TO DO List

1. Practice Using Google Docs

Read and review the Google Docs Information resource. You will need to know how to create a new Google Doc and how to drag it to our shared collection (used to be called “folder”). Please make sure you can complete the following:

  1. Create a file in Google Docs and save it as “yourlastnamefirstinitial_sample”
  2. Locate our shared EDTECH 501 collection (It will be at the bottom of your folder list in Google docs, called “Collections shared with me.”)
  3. Drag this file into our EDTECH 501 collection, which is shared with all students.

If you do not know how to use Google docs or cannot perform this function, please post your questions to our Tech Help forum.

2. Join Google Plus (Google+)

  1. Read more about Google+ http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/
  2. For access to Google Plus Help, go to http://support.google.com/plus/?hl=en&p=help_center
  3. Join Google Plus using your BSU Gmail.
  4. Click your name at the top right after logging in to BroncoMail.
  5. Select “Join Google Plus” and set up a Google Profile.

3. Add your instructor to a Google Plus circle.

Your instructor will share a Google Plus circle with you, which will include your classmates. You can then have a GPlus circle to network and share items with your classmates.

4. Set Up Google+ to Receive Automatic Notifications/Updates

You might also want to include automatic notifications if someone (your instructor!) posts to a circle you are included in. To do this, click the little cogwheel at the top right of your Google Plus page and go to your Google+ Settings.

Week 1: Friday-Sunday | Video Introduction Assignment


Learning Objectives

  • Identify goals for EDTECH program.
  • Apply technology skills by creating introduction video.

Introduce Yourself: Video Presentation

Video Presentation Rubric

  1. Video provides a good introduction about student (10 points)
  2. Video includes discussion of why student is pursuing a degree in EDTECH (10 points)
  3. Video includes discussion of what student hopes to achieve in program (10 points)
  4. Video has excellent audio and video quality (20 points)


  1. Create a short (3 minutes or so) video, introducing yourself. You can use any type of video camera (webcam, iPod, Flip, etc.) and any type of video production tool, such as Photo Booth (Mac), Movie Maker (Windows), or any other software. Need some ideas? Check out this website that lists a lot of Web 2.0 tools you can use: http://50ways.wikispaces.com/Tools+A+to+Z
    1. Tell us about yourself, your work, maybe something about where you live and your family, any hobbies you have, etc.
    2. Include information about why you are pursuing a degree in EDTECH at Boise State and what you hope to get out of the program. (You will be able to incorporate this beginning video into your final Portfolio Reflection Video at the end of the program, to view and reflect upon your progress!)
  2. Publish to your YouTube account (make the URL “Unlisted” URL for privacy).
  3. Embed your video on the Introduce Yourself VideoDiscussion Forum.
  4. Return to discussion forum on Monday of next week and rate your classmates’ videos, using the rubric provided on the forum.
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