EdTech 502: Week 1 Assignments

Week 1: January 16 – January 25
Topic: Introduction to the Course
Assignments Due: January 25


This is a course document page for the first week of class. On it you will find a list of tasks to complete on or before the due date. Each Monday new course documents will be posted in the EDTECH 502 course site in Moodle. When you login to the course site, look for course materials for the week. The same format is used consistently throughout the course to minimize confusion. Any deviation from this pattern will be explained in the Moodle announcements or by e-mail. Since this is our first week we will begin with some activities that that focus on orientation, introduction, and preparation. This includes tasks such as browsing the course site, viewing a presentation, saying hello to classmates in an online discussion forum, doing some reading, obtaining all supplies and materials needed to complete work in the course, and installing software.

Reading Assignment:

The Non-Designer’s Web Book

  • Pages 15 through 30, 113 through 132, and 155 through 161.
  • Pages 15 through 30 are in a chapter called: What is the Web? It includes some very basic information about things such as Web browsers, modems, online services and ISPs, Web addresses, plugins, and file types that may be downloaded from the Internet. If the information in this chapter is already familiar to you just skim through it. You might keep the chapter handy for the next time you are explaining these topics to someone who is new to the Internet. The ideas are presented in an easy to understand format.
  • Pages 113 through 132 introduce the design principles of alignment, proximity, repetition, and contrast. We will be applying these principles to the projects created during the semester.
  • Pages 155 through 161 tell you how to recognize good and bad Web page design.
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