EdTech 502: Week 1 Introduction

EdTech 502 Introduction by Karrie Y. Cox

Karrie Y. Cox

Hello fellow classmates!  I’m from Alturas, CA; the real northern California.  If you can believe it, I started out with writing script in DOS.    My first experience in web design started back in 1995, where I was thrown into the IT department only to take care of the website for where I work; they used Dreamweaver.    Though, I must admit that I didn’t mind since my interests were in technology.  Since then, work has changed over to using a Google site so everyone could take care of their own page.  This didn’t really pan out and I now take care of creating pages for all the departments within Modoc County Office of Education.   In addition, I have always been interested in trying out all types of new programs and web presence programs that come up to the surface.   My technology footprint includes:

Some of my favorite sites include:

My husband and I enjoy the outdoors and are avid users of the National Forest Service Public Lands and Bureau of Land Management Public Lands.  In addition, we support the local arts, enjoy the local Modoc Performing Arts performances.    We enjoy trail riding on our ATV’s, boating and riding seadoo’s on our Modoc County lakes, and take part in the Modoc Racing Association events as support staff.    We have a cat that thinks’ he is king of the household and two dogs that can’t wait for our weekend ATV rides.  Oh yea, this past summer we taught our dogs how to ride on the seadoo’s (wave runners).

Looking forward to learning about everyone.


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