EdTech 541: Week 1 Assignments


Week 1: Welcome & Orientation to the Course

The first week of an online course can be very disconcerting even for those experienced in the virtual environment. Because of the lack of more familiar surroundings (i.e., desks, chairs, and people) you may feel as if you’ve entered a black void. The easiest way to dispel those feelings is to make contact with your instructor and classmates, and become familiar with your online environment. For this reason, we’ll begin this class with an overview of the tools you’ll use in the course and some introductions…
Final Project

The final project for this course will be developed as we go through the term. Please take some time this week to read through the Final Project Guidelines. This week, you will want to start your online hosting site (e.g, Wiki, Website, Blog) that you will use to create your project. Recommendations include:

Next week, you will begin working on some of the components of your final project. A link to the Final Project Guidelines can found under Course Resources on the course homepage.

This is Me! Slideshow Presentation

Introduce yourself to your classmates with either a PowerPoint multimedia presentation or a multimedia Web presentation. There are no specific requirements for this assignment other than creating a presentation that will convey to us who you really are. If you have created a presentation in a previous class, it is not necessary to recreate it here. Just use the same presentation with any appropriate updates.
When you are finished creating your presentation, attach the file or include the link in the discussion forum titled Hello – This is Me!
Course Reflection Blog

During the course, you will be asked to engage in reflective activities and what better way to do so than within a Blog. The Blog will be used in several of your EdTech courses so that at the end of your program you will have an archive of your reflective activities that “you can take with you” after you finish the program. The department recommends the use of WordPress – http://wordpress.com/ – but you are welcome to use any blog you desired. Just make sure that you have one ready to go for next week’s assignment. For a full description about how to set up and use WordPress, see the “Setting Up WordPress” in the Course Resource section.


Begin preparing for Week 2 activities by reading Chapters 1 & 2 in Integrating Technology into Teaching – 5th Edition:
  • Chapter 1: Educational Technology in Context: The Big Picture
  • Chapter 2: Theory and Practice: Foundations for Effective Technology Integration

checkmarkWeek 1 Assignments
Due: 1/23/2012

  • Become familiar with the structure of our Moodle coursesite.
  • Read all Course Documents
  • Post your slideshow in the Hello – This is Me! discussion forum
  • Set up your Blog for Course Reflections
  • Read through the Final Project Guidelines & select an online site on which to build your project
  • Read textbook Chapters 1 & 2
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