EdTech 501: Week 2 Assignments

January 23 –  January 29

This is an important week. You will begin the process of creating and organizing a WordPress.com blog for your EDTECH Learning Log. If you have never used WordPress before, you will need to spend some time learning how to use it. Make use of the WordPress support site (http://support.wordpress.com) and the Learning Log resources posted below.

  •  Week 2: Monday-Tuesday | Get Involved and Connected! Page
  •  Week 2: Wednesday-Thursday | Start Your Learning Log Page
  •  Week 2: Friday-Sunday | Share Your Learning Log Page
  •  Learning Log Rubric Page
  •  Learning Log Discussion Forum

Learning Log Resources

Review these resources to help you better understand how to use WordPress and set it up for your Learning Log in the EDTECH program.

  •  Learning Log Overview Page
  •  Example WordPress Learning Log URL
  •  AECT Standards for School Media & EdTech Specialists (SMETS) URL
  •  Adding a Category Widget to Your Learning Log Page

Week 2: Monday-Tuesday | Get Involved and Connected!

During this week you wil join the EDTECH Graduation Student Association (GSA), and set up your EDTECH Learning Log.

learning log

Learning Objectives

  • Review and rate Introduce Yourself videos.
  • Identify EDTECH support services and staff.
  • Join EDTECH Graduate Student Association.
  • Identify skill sets needed to create a WordPress Learning Log.

EDTECH Boise State

Taking courses from EDTECH Boise State involves more than just attending class. It means making friends, establishing and growing professional learning networks (PLNs), assuming leadership at your school or business, and embracing change.

You should be aware of our mission and the many methods of support we offer to students. Please take time to read through these materials, visit our website (http://edtech.boisestate.edu), and participate in our social networks.

EDTECH Mission

  • The Department of Educational Technology is a diverse network of education scholars, professionals, and candidates who:Lead research and innovations in online teaching and learning
  • Model, promote, manage, and evaluate digital-age teaching and learning resources in K-higher education environments
  • Inspire creativity and expertise in digital media literacies
  • Design and develop imaginative learning environments
  • Empower learners to be evolving digital citizens who advocate cultural understanding and global responsibility
  • Promote and pattern participatory culture, professional practice, and lifelong learning
  • Forge connections between research, policy, and practice in educational technology

EDTECH Support and Services

Your TO DO List

1. Review and Rate Videos

  1. Return to the Introduce Yourself Video discussion forum and review/rate your classmates’ videos, using the rubric provided on the forum.
  2. Comment as needed.


  1. Please join our EDTECH Graduate Student Association and become involved with activities, obtain funding for conference presentations, and find out more about scholarship and other opportunities.
  2. Enter “EDTECHGSA” as the enrollment key to join.
  3. Post an introduction to the New Member Introductions and Ideas discussion forum. Get involved!

3. Review Learning Log Resources

  1. Please read and review the Learning Log Overview to find out how to create a Learning Log using WordPress.com.
  2. Please read and review any of the other Learning Log Resources provided on this module.
  3. View our sample Learning Log at http://edtechbsu.wordpress.com and think about how you might want to set up your own Learning Log.

Week 2: Wednesday-Thursday | Start Your Learning Log

wordpress logo

Learning Objectives

  • Create Learning Log using wordpress.com.
  • Self-assess through rubric.

Your TO DO List

Create Your Learning Log

Begin by reading the Learning Log overview and reading the rest of the links under the Learning Log Resources section. If you have never used WordPress.com before, you will need to spend some time exploring and experimenting with this interface.

View Learning Log Rubric for more details.

  1. Navigate to http://wordpress.com and create a new blog.
  2. Delete the sample post and comment automatically included in a new WordPress installation.
  3. Add a new introductory post (or create a new page on your blog) about your goals in the EDTECH program, what you hope to achieve, and how our program will affect your career and other goals. (Feel free to embed your introduction video you created last week if you wish.)
  4. How to embed YouTube video on a WordPress blog post.
  5. Review and follow the suggestions for help with your Learning Log in the Learning Log Overview link.
  6. Add AECT Standards as categories.
  7. Add a category widget and change the title to “AECT Standards.”

AECT widget

Week 2: Friday-Sunday | Share Your Learning Log


Learning Objectives

  • Publish Learning Log URL to Learning Log Discussion Forum.
  • Critique and review classmates’ Learning Logs.
  • Rate classmates’ Learning Logs using rubric as guide.

Your TO DO List

Share Your Learning Log and Rate Your Classmates’

  1. Post your Learning Log URL (make the link active by selecting the text and clicking the hyperlink icon (looks like an anchor) in the Moodle visual editor) to the Learning Log discussion forum.
  2. Include in your post any difficulties you had with this assignment and any other experiences you want to share with your classmates and instructor.
  3. Return to this discussion forum by next Monday, review, and rate your classmates Learning Logs, using the rubric provided in the discussion forum.
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