EdTech 502: Week 2 Assignment reflection

This week the assignment was to create a plain webpage.  This pretty much means it looks like a lot of text.   Though in the new page creation process, I chose to hand type the code in.   This is the best way for me to remember things that seem foreign now and helps me remember why each property needs to have certain elements.   One of the first basic rules to remember is to include the closing bracket and the end of a property.   Also interesting was to learn when to use a <p> for a paragraph; this is to be used when you want a blank line before the next set of text entered.    If you want the text you typed to be closer together then you should use the <BR>.  Or if you are not coding by hand and entering text in the visual mode you would use a shift enter or shift return (they both do the same thing).

The instructional videos for this week were very helpful and really walked you through each step.  Of course, I try to create things first, then if things aren’t going as planned I would then look at the help items.   I like the trail and error method.

Here is the link for my first assignment, a plain html page that lists all of the assignments to be completed during this course.  What is going to be really neat is to see the fist page progress as more is learned.   My first page: http://edtech2.boisestate.edu/karriecox/502/plain502.html

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