EdTech 541: Week 2 Relative Advantage Assignments

January 24 – January 30

Week 2: Foundations of Effective Technology Integration
This week you will look at educational technology as a whole by exploring the field from an historical perspective, identifying justifiable reasons for incorporating technology into the classroom and identifying factors that have the potential to shape the future of education and technology. In addition, we will explore some of the theoretical underpinnings of the educational technology movement and look at technology integration models aligned with each major theory.
Unit 1 Assignments
Due: 1/30/2012

  • Create your Vision Statement and post it in the Vision Statement discussion forum, as well as on your final project website.
  • Submit the links to your Vision Statement and Relative Advantage Chart using the respective submission links.
  • Create a Resources page on your final project website or blog. Begin adding resources as you find them.
  • Read through the Final Project Guidelines & select an online site on which to build your project.

Blog Entry: Vision Statement

Create a personal statement defending the use of technology in schools. Use information from your research to justify your position. Include references and citations to your sources. Keep the following two P’s in mind when composing your statement:

  • Positive – Approach the subject from a positive perspective. Negativity in the form of how dismal things are now, and how technology is not being used to advantage, are not appropriate for this statement.
  • Powerful – Looking for credibility here. Use common references and cite within your document. Provide links to those documents. You want to leave the impression that you are the expert here and know what you are talking about. Try to keep your statement subjective – avoid personal opinions – refrain from references to “me” or “in my opinion” and stick to research-based conclusions that support your position. Think of your reader asking the question: Why should I listen to you?

Relative Advantage Chart Assignment

Technology-based strategies offer many unique benefits to teachers as they look for instructional solutions to problems that students may face with abstract concepts, motivation and time consuming tasks. Teachers have to consider the benefits of using such methods compared to their current ones and decide if the benefits are worth the additional effort and cost. The first step in the TIP (Technology Integration Planning) model refers to this decision as “relative advantage”. Table 2.6 on p.54 in our textbook lists several kinds of learning problems and technology solutions with the potential for high relative advantage to teachers. These lists are merely guidelines and do not address content specific technologies and their respective advantages.

You will explore the process of determining relative advantage by looking at technology use in either your specific content area or grade level (or particular raining expertise if you are not involved in K-12 instructions). I am making an assumption that this is an area that you are quite familiar with at this point in your coursework. If this is not the case, expect to spend more time on this assignment.

You are going to make a chart of the relative advantages that technology holds for a specific content area and/or grade level, depending upon your current teaching experience:

  • If your current or expected experience is in secondary education, choose a specific content area to address, but try to address as many grade levels as possible.
  • If your current or expected experience is in elementary education, choose a specific grade level for your focus, but try to address a variety of content areas.
  • If your current experience is in higher education, or if you are not currently teaching, choose a topic based on your current situation or contact me to discus other options.
  • Optional: You can work with a partner who has the same age/grade/content area interests
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