EdTech 501: Week 3 Glog Assignment

This week involved creating an educational technology history in order to explain how educational technology has changed.  I once thought educational technology only as was we did with computers, but I had since learned that there is also a past.  Can you imagine if we never learned to to communicate by using a writing instrument?  Thank goodness this happened and has since evolved.    After completing some research as to what, when, where, how and why the next step was to create.

With this assignment our creation was to be in the form of a “Glog”.   Not ever having using this site I found it a bit confusing at first, because it seemed to simple to use; and it was.   There is definately room to use this site for many other educational adventures.      My evolutioin Glog assignment can be found here:  Evolution Glog Assignment.  

If there are any words of encouragement to add for other beginning users then I would say that it was much easier to create my data in a Power Point then save each slide as a picture.  This way was quite a bit easier to get everything on each picture that was need to address.   Loading the ppt slides into Glogster was fairly easy and the fun part was to move the objects around and set them exactly where you wanted.    Also, when you write using the plain text option it stays as small on the Glog whereever you place it.  It is thereby better to use one of the other text options; this way when you shrink the text box it will increase in size when a person viewing the note when they click on it.


Candidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to develop instructional materials and experiences using print, audiovisual, computer-based, and integrated technologies.

2.4 Integrated Technologies
Integrated technologies are ways to produce and deliver materials which encompass several forms of media under the control of a computer.

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