EdTech 501: Week 4 reflection

This week readings really provided a lot of things to think about.   It is for certain that there is and will probably always be some form of digital inequality and digital divide.  When looking at the larger picture of who is connected and who isn’t it becomes to hard to phathom an quick fix solution.   There are always going to be individuals with different levels of technology skills and access   So if we build it for the world will everyone jump on the band wagons …. personally I don’t think so.  While reading the articles provided this week, I often kept thinking about a small scale about how can I make an impact for where I live.   Even then it makes my head swim.   So in the end I decided to kind of map out my thoughts and ended up making a Prezi presentaton that interprets what I have gotten from this weeks readings and some of my own brainstorming thoughts.

I made a Prezi presentation for this week’s digital inequality assignment.  http://prezi.com/5vkpcqsnir4q/digital-divide-digital-inequality/

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