EdTech 502: Week 4 Netiquette Page Assignment

Netiquette page

This weeks assignment was to create a netiquette.html page and a netiquette.css page.    The netiquette page  was to be directed for a certain group of people.   For this week, I choose us an elementary school netiquette page that gives some direction as to what one should and should not do that pertains to using the Internet and how you respond / act while usig it.

This week we covered ways to add span using a class tag assigned to it.   We also learned how to add an indent and create a callout (b0x) that used a float tag.    While listening to the video recordings I just learned that we no longer use tables as they are more difficult to follow.    We are also creating specific css pages for different pages that we create.

Here is the link to my completed assignment:  Netiquette page.

Netiquette page assignmentIn addition my 502.html page was updated to include a link

This is my site for EdTech 502

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