EdTech 501: Week 5 Assignment reflection

This week our group started a Google Doc to present our assignment.  Each of us made notes to the document by assigned colors; mine was red (my favorite color).   From there the Group met on Google Plus to discuss the assignment twice and divided up sections for each of us to work on.   I studied the Idaho Department of Educations Technology plan and looked at two of their websites that are set up.  It appears the the Idaho DOE had a plan to have all their network updated by the end of 2012 school year.  They added a Virtual Learning Classroom as well; but three sites opted out.  Then I had completed some research on Idaho state governernment website to see what was going on there.   I had found out that there are still a few problems to get every city up to the point where they can search the Internet at the same speed.  In fact one town in the North has the lowest transfer rate.  What was interested to read was the Idaho Education Network website and PowerPoint report that has their technology plan status.

Then each of us had the opportunity to look at the seven options and make notes on the Google doc as to how we would rank the order of favorable ideas to start with.   For some reason I was having trouble hooking up with the group and missed two of the meetings but was fortunate enough to be able to email everything that I was working on.   Then when I received the link to the Voice Thread that was created I was able to upload my part of the presentation.

Voice Thread is a very interesting program.  What I like most was the ability for several people to work on the presentation at their own time.  It turned out pretty good and we all were happy with the results.

I will be using VoiceThread in the future and will be telling my coworkers all about it.

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