EdTech 541: Week 7 Spreadsheets & Databases Pt. 2, Reflection

This week was spent loading information and documentation into my EdTech 541 website for the spreadsheet lesson that I created for this weeks assignment.

Spreadsheet Lesson homepage

The beginning page only shows two links, one for the student page and one for the teacher page.

Student Page

The Student Page link will of course take you to where the students will access the appropriate information for their assigned lesson

Teacher Page

The Teacher Page contains all the information that went into creating the Spreadsheet Lesson

California Regions

This is a page that contains pictures of California regions that include the Mountain region, Desert region, Central Valley region, and Coastal regions.  These are picture hyperlinks that will take the user to the respective page of the picture.

Relative advantages for using Spreadsheets, Databases, and Word processing in the classroom:

  • Lesson Plan Content: Elements of the Lesson Plan Template:  AECT Standards ; 1.1.2.b
  • Objectives:  What the student(s) will know and be able to do after completing the lesson.  AECT Standards: 1.1.1.a, 1.1.1.b
  • Standards: Objectives are tied to established content area and grade level standards.  AECT Standards: 1.1.1.c
  • Instructional Approach: Student-centered vs. teacher-centered.  AECT Standards: 1.1.2.b, 1.1.5.c, 1.3.a
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