EdTech 502: Week 7 Concept Map

This week was fascinating.  We learned how to use a program called, “KULER”, which is a web hosted application that helps the user create color themes.  This is something that will be really valuable for me as I don’t do well with color schemes.  This program is free and is available in an app for the iPad and you can download it to your computer.  KULER is also accessible in Adobe’s Creative Suite 5 software.   What I learned is that you can create color schemes from images.  This is helpful especially if the image will be on your webpage and you want the font colors to blend well with the page.   With KULER you can save your color themes to your file on your computer that way they will always be available.

This week with Adobe Fireworks our assignment was to create a background image and a header image.   The lesson was very well laid out it would be hard to be unsuccessful at creating the images.

With this week’s web page creation we had to create interactive concept maps from within Adobe Dreamweaver or use the image that we created in Adobe Fireworks.   The concept map that I created was about the three branches of our government then I tiered down one more level to sort of get an idea of how our government’s check and balances work (at least supposed to work).

Here is the link to my web page creation for this week: Interactive Concept Map

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