EdTech 501: Week 10, Zotero Group Library Assignment Reflection

This week we learned how to become a group member within Zotero.   The objective is to be able to collaborate with other members of the group on a project.   The advantage would be a way to share research with one another.   This feature also syncs with the Zotero standalone program.

After logging into the Zotero website, I added myself to a collective group.  From there I created a new folder with my name on it.  After syncing my desktop with the website, I went back to the group folder and realized that it might be nice to sort of organize the type of references into their own groups; so I added a few more folders.

Zotero’s group features only downfall is that there is a limited amount of storage, as our instructor pointed out.  I went ahead and searched what others had to say about this problem and found out that others use a program that resides on their own server called WebDAV.  Though the general comments on the forum is that others would like to see Zotero add the ability to increase storage.

Zotero is working out to be a wonderful program for me to use.  Since my last post I have added over fifty articles to my collection.  I have added some previous PDF files as well.  I have yet tried to work with Zotero and Google Docs, but there is a way to do that as well.

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