EdTech 501: Week 10 Zotero Group Library Assignment

Over the past two weeks we have been working with Zotero, first alone and then with a group.   I am fascinated on the abilities of the Zotero program, and like the idea of it being a free resource.   It was interesting to work with the group area.  I could also see the ability to create separate folders for particular subtopics on the primary research topic.  The value that I can see is for it to be used for individual use.  It does allow for sharing but is limited on amount of space you can  as our instructor pointed out.

Overall, I really like the way it can be integrated with Microsoft Word and Google’s Document(s).  I’m not sure how many times I will be using the group feature, but overall I can see the value.

Here is the link to my groups Zotero page:

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