EdTech 501: Week 13 Assignments


We begin a new module on Technology Use Planning. During this module, you will examine technology use planning, evaluate your own school’s technology environment, and write a summary evaluation.

Learning Objectives

  • Define technology use planning.
  • Analyze and critique current views of technology use planning and how they relate to your own experiences.
  • Synthesize ideas presented in the National Education Technology Plan 2010 with current views on technology planning.

2. Technology Use Planning Overview (50 points)

Technology Use Planning Overview Rubric

  1. Download the Guidebook for Developing an Effective Instructional Technology Plan, (Version 2.0 is free). Read through the guidebook as it provides the basic components of an effective technology plan. (Although it is a 1996 publication, the basic principles for technology use planning remain today. Notice that this guidebook was a graduate seminar project for Mississippi State University.)
  2. Peruse the articles at the Technology Planning Articles link. A good article to start with is “Developing Effective Technology Plans,” where See recommends developing SHORT TERM technology plans. He says five year plans are too long. Read this article with a critical eye and respond to some of his ideas. Would you agree/disagree and why?
  3. Post to your Learning Log, using the title “Technology Use Planning Overview,” reviewing and commenting on the article “Developing Effective Technology Plans” and the National Education Technology Plan 2010.
    1. Start with defining technology use planning–how would you describe it?
    2. How might the new National Educational Technology Plan 2010 be an effective and powerful resource for technology use planning?
    3. Do you agree with See about tech use plans needing to be short, not long term?
    4. What do you think about his comment that “effective technology plans focus on applications, not technology?”
    5. Do you agree/disagree?
    6. What experiences have you had with technology use planning and what have you seen for outcomes (both good and bad?)
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