EdTech 541: Week 14 Integrating Technology into ELL and the Arts

Week 14 Assignments Page:  English Language or Foreign Language Instruction

For this assignment I chose to work on English Language for ESL.  For this assignment we had to create a technology integration strategy that addresses each of the following types of technologies:

  1. Using the Internet for Instruction (research, telecommunications)
  2. Tool Software (Word, Spreadsheet, Database, Presentation/Hypermedia)
  3. Instructional Software (Games, Simulations, Drill and Practice, etc.)
  4. Productivity software (Inspiration, Kidspiration, graphing software, lesson planning, tool, etc.)

To see my ESL project please go to my EdTech 541 Website.

For my VAPA project I have also created a page: EdTech 541 Website: The ARTS.

My Glogster for the ARTS working on.

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