EdTech 541: Assistive Technology

For this assignment I created a presentation:


Applications currently used within my county are:

Word Q – Predictive Software Application: This application encourages students with dyslexia write.   It is also useful for students who have  language delayed or impaired.

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking:  This software lets anyone say words and watch them appear on your screen in Word, Excel, Word Perfect, and Outlook. This helps students with voice recognition, text to voice, and word prediction.  This will help students be successful with writing and doing math problems.

Using a Pen Scanner:  Pen scanners, handheld scanner and Iris Pens. We have several of these items in our school districts to help students improve their individual reading skills.

Effective Use of Switches:   Intellikeys are in several classrooms for students who have trouble with a normal keyboard. We also use layout that may just have pictures on them which allows students to communicate what is needed.

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