EdTech 503: Module 3 Reflection

Gustafon and Branch (2002) considered ID models and created three categories: classroom oriented, product oriented, and systems oriented according to its focus of development. The PIE model is considered a classroom model; it is clearly stated that this PIE framework is for pre-service and in-service teachers to plan their instruction (2000). PIE represents the phases of learning and instruction and provides guidelines to designing classroom instruction. It is notable that PIE considers both experiences of students and teachers.

The Gerlach and Ely model stresses how importance the learning experience is and focuses on the interaction between students and the elements. Also pointing out the student-center orientation and specifies the coordinate and guidance role of the instructor. The Gerlach and Ely model systematically provides a prescriptive and procedural guidance for schoolteachers to plan units, modules, lessons, and courses utilized in the classroom. Though it does not fully correspond to the ADDIE framework, especially as it lacks clarification of the implementation stage, and has limitations on planning and evaluating. Gerlach and Ely model remains to be a practical, powerful, and easy-to-use roadmap for planning instruction.

An educator has a large variety of models and strategies to explore and implement in the classroom setting. Although each model and strategy may have a unique approach or provision, they all share one thing: to provide the necessary framework to improve the learning process. I think it is important not use just one model or instructional strategy, but rather, to find something in each one that can apply to your lesson planning.

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