EdTech 551: Module 2 Reflection

Karrie Y. Cox
September 22, 2012
EdTech 551 Module 2

Module 2:  Technical Writing Style Reflection

Technical writing style explores the variables necessary for composing technical documents – purpose, audience.  Writing a grant requires an audience analyses to help understand those who will be reading and reviewing your communication (application).  This is important because you get one chance to pro ide all details to meet your proposal based on their funding requirements.  Grant funders are looking or a return on their investment into a foreseeable successful environment that builds improvement and advances improvement in programs.

The grant project that I am working on is not fined tuned and at best is a beginning analyses of what and whom, the details are coming along with further development.

The audience analyses documents provides a guide to help understand how technical writers analyses and make decisions.  The questions provided will be an important guide in pointing out an outline for technical writing.  This will be very helpful in understanding how decisions on content need.  The Power Point presented for reading in Module 1, “Get all the money you can” (Morton, 2001), serves as a “how to” document in the process of grant seeking by providing common elements in the life cycle of a grant.  This information noted a variety of grant types from competitive grants to formula grants.

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