EdTech 504: Module 1 Reflection

Module 1 Reflection

1. Where are you now, in terms of your own teaching and professional practice and the inclusion of educational technology in that process?

In my professional career, I have given tutorials for staff during trainings; no I am not a certified teacher.  Technology is always growing and evolving and that is really worth teaching/training our professionals in/on/with.  The hardest part is how to introduce the lesson without insulting anyone.  Do I go from very basic, intermediate, advance to just-in time?   The lessons are complete as far as where I want to end in the lesson.

My collaborative projects include an elementary school website chalked full of resources for instructors  (Learning Commons 2nd grade); keep in mind that this was created almost three years ago.  Currently, my educational technology website is my jobsite webpage, MCOE Media Center.   Other things include the Distant Learning Classroom where we host College of the Siskiyous virtual classes, and Afterschool homework help for K-12.  I know California State Standards, and am in process of remembering Common Core Standards.  When materials are added to the collection, we align each item to curriculum standards that helps instructors to see what is available for the standard they are implementing.

2. What kind of change do you hope to see because of this class?

This class will help me to understand the foundations of learning environments and all the considerations that go into creation and implementation.  The readings have been interesting and I can understand how the evolution of learning theories has taken other considerations in mind.  Some theories work for certain situations better than others do.  The overall vision of technology emphasis is on application, methodology, and pedagogy in the successful integration of educational technology.

3. How might your knowledge and experiences influence the actions of those around you?

The biggest concern that I have had in the past is that creating educational technology resources will be more influential to our collection of instructors.  One of the things I keep thinking about is the saying, “You can lead the horse to water, but can’t make them drink.”  We need to get beyond the show and tell and move into creation and implementation.  This analogy is really the epitome of what has happened in the past.  This is a problem as educators see me as a person who does not actually teach in the classroom, or that maybe they are comfortable in their current practice.  That is also another digital divide problem as there are those old-time teachers who are not too far from retiring and are just waiting, and those that are technology savvy.  There is also different school district’s level of technology to think about.  One of the things I thought would be cool to implement is the idea of a flipped classroom, but that will not work for the majority, as families do not have access (or the funds).

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