EdTech 511: Module 3 Assignment 1 Showcase

My html page         My swf page         My fla file

Assignment 1 (Graphics & Text) Requirements

Please create a simple Flash project. Incorporate graphic elements  into a Flash project. Be sure to include the following elements:

  • At least 1 graphic symbol
  • At least 1 button symbol
  • At least 1 movie clip   symbol and,
  • At least 1 static text.

Graphics, Symbols, & Text

Creating Graphics in Flash

Flash offers a full suite of tools for creating and editing graphics.  When you draw in Flash, you create vector art. You can think of vectors as  mathematical functions that use fewer lines of computer code to determine  lines and points (vs. regular graphic files, such as bitmaps that must        account for each individual pixel on a computer screen). Vector-defined art        is not limited by resolution like bitmaps. This means that they can be scaled to any        size without a loss in quality or increase in file size.

This week you will learn how to use different drawing tools to create  graphics in Flash CS4/CS5/CS6

Working with  Symbols

Graphic, button, and movie clip symbols are core objects in Flash        animation.  Make sure        you understand the characteristics of the three types of symbols. The        built-in Flash library stores all of the useable art and other objects that        can be used in your movie, including symbols, sounds, video clips, bitmaps,        and other components. The library can also help you to organize, sort, and        keep track of the components used within your Flash project.

Working with Text

In Flash, there are three types of text: static, dynamic, and input.  Static text is used for presenting static information. Dynamic and input text  is used for creating interactivity. You will have the opportunity to use  all three types of text later on this semester.

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