EdTech 504: Module 5 Reflection

This course has given me a better understanding of the 3 major strands of learning (i.e. behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism). Noting that they don’t always stand alone, but rather are mixed together as part of a collective whole for how learning takes place. In order for effective learning to take place, all three major learning theories must be implemented, sometimes individually, and at other times simultaneously.

What I found interesting is how each learning theory has evolved and transformed, a living organism. As technology tools change, education is transformed. How classrooms have evolved from learning rote knowledge to learning how to deal with information. Students are more involved and take more control of their learning and learning how to apply this new found knowledge into real world application(s).

Finally, when I began working on my synthesis paper, I had read much of the research on the effectiveness of web based tools and how much of what has been created can be enriched by incorporating a variety of emerging technology tools. My synthesis paper revolved around using Flipped Learning and explains how all three theories of learning are incorporated. That this type of educational technology tool can be powerful, both for students and educators, by providing just in time help when it is needed and can help track individualized learning. Curiously enough, though, I had not been convinced of their usefulness as learning device since there is not a lot of evidence available. Then it’s funny how we can be oblivious to the things that are right under our noses.
Over this course I have learned so much and how learning theories can work together. I had always thought my school of thought of learning is/was strongly based in constructivism, only to find out that there was more than that incorporated in my previous projects.
Well, here it is, my final blog. I have learned so much while taking Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology. Before this course, I was aware of a couple different schools of thought in educational theories. Now, I am aware of so many more theories and have found out that instead of one theory, in my case constructivism, I have realized that my teaching style is actually a combination of many different theories.

I am really glad that our schools are changing curriculum to meet the needs of our 21st century wire students. We really need to be on their playing field in order to help them help themselves for a brighter future. Technology is here to stay, and it is our jobs as educators to find out how best to use it to get the greatest benefit. We must make sure that technology is used to help us reach a goal.

Unfortunately, I still see some educators that are not up to snuff in their classrooms, though I don’t know if that is from the school district(s) restrictions or if they are just waiting out their time until retirement. We must make sure that our use of technology as educators is well thought out and planned and goes along with our personal educational theory to create the best learning environment possible.

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