EdTech 505: Week 2 discussion

Chapter one really gets you thinking about many ways evaluations are and can be used. The two definitions are similiar but different at the same time. Take for instance, scenario one, and the gardening program. If during an evaluation you measure the overall succes by attendance, it would be a measurable item (quantative). Now, how do you value someones perception of the program and the impact on the attendee’s. This is something that you could probably use an evaluation sheet check off list for all types of impact improvements: mental health, physical health, and garden results.

After reading what I have learned is that the first evaluation technique would be used like a business approach, especially if you are applying for a grant from an organization.

Once I had been called in to help a department head fix her grant application that had been denied, when it had been funded for the past six years. When I looked at what was sent in I could see that there was no tangible data to look at. When the grant application was resubmitted, it was funded for the next three years and had received an addition $10 K per year. That was my first time actually working on a grant with someone and was able to help improve the overall outcome.

Karrie Cox

I made a Prezi for the assignment.

Here is assignment 2:

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