EdTech 505: Week 4: Writing the Evaluation Report & Appendix B (Chapter 9)

This week was all about evaluation reports.

Discussion Board post:

I have finally decided to do my evaluation project on the use of Edmodo.  The school district has chose to implement a way to increase the uses of 21st technology in the school for admin, staff (teachers) and students.   They chose Edmodo as it is a content management system where teachers can use this for their class instructions on one subject to all subjects.  As of now, no one has implemented anything of this sort.  The training of Edmodo is to be given over a period of time (twice a month).  During this time is where I am thinking is the best time to do an evaluation.  The evaluation will include check list of items completed and then compare them to items implemented.  In addition, things that will be evaluated are students use. There will be surveys at two intervals and just before the end of this class so I can make use out of the evaluation project.

Discuss Appendices B (Sample Eval Report) and C (Sample Evaluation Contract) in the Boulmetis & Dutwin text. Any surprises? Any expected content missing? Anything that confirmed what you already thought? Anything contradictory? How’s this information align with the outline for your own Evaluation Project-Course Project?

Appendix B:

The Sample Evaluation Report is very helpful.  I would go as far to say that this evaluation was not written for the funding grant providers.  There are items missing such as the cover, executive summary, and data sheets that help bring the analysis of the data that is included in the report.   I found the notes inserted were helpful to point out why the introduction was not as detailed.  This point should be included in the final report for the funding agency.  In order for this evaluation to be duplicated by another group, the information included needs to provide all the evidence that made the program successful (or not).

Appendix C:

The Sample Evaluation Contract appears to be a document that you would use for preparing for a grant.  This section list what will be done covering evaluation questions and plan.  Each section provides how it will be addressed, how data will be collected, the activities, and the data sources.  The final part lists the projected budget.  It would have been nice to include the data source forms that are to be used for the evaluation.  I noticed that there may be discrepancies between the length of time of the project (one year) and no dates set for pre, interim and post-tests.  In the projected budget I would want to know more details about what a Fringe cost is/are.  There are many vague areas listed that are too general.  Perhaps a more detailed approach would help this.   Even with all this, a person can get a feel for what is entailed in an evaluation contract.  Both documents can be used as an example as they show some facts about a program project and what they have included in them.

Assignments for this week:

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