Creation Tools: click the links to go to these useful sites for creating charts, graphics, videos, activities, cool lessons, and more!

  • Google Gadgets – Widgets and tools galore!
  • Webspiration – Ceate everything from graphs to brainstorm bubbles!
  • Pixton® – Make a Cartoon – Create Comic Strips – Pretty self explanatory, don’tcha think?
  •  123certificates – Every template imaginable for certificates and awards
  •  Cool Text – Need a cool and jazzy font or banner for your site or presentation? Look here!
  • Google Voice – Send voice mails, do voice overs, videos, etc. What will they think of next?
  •  Wordie – Create beautiful word clouds and bubbles for brainstorming and planning sessions!
  •  Google Docs – The easiest way to work collaboratively on one document that I’ve seen (gmail required)
  • Icon Logic – need to pick up some software skills? This is a great site!
  • – so is this one if Icon Logic doesn’t do it for you! Web based training at it’s finest
  • Tutorial 9 – A blog of tutorials for creating web pages, logos, graphics and more.
  • Jing – Instant screenshots and screen casts, as well as easy presentation production.
  • Flip Cameras – Design ideas, video forums, and other cool social media uses. Easy to use software.
  • iLIfe – One of my favorites: so many possibilities, so easy to use. Photos, videos, web pages, and so much more.
  • – Design a board game and have it made for you – board, pieces, and all!
  • Audacity – Easy to use sound editing that can be laid over an iMovie presentation or used as a podcast.
  •  Photoshop Express – I’m learning on this one, but it’s a chopped down version of the real thing.
  •  Final Cut Express – Similar in nature to Photoshop Express – a scaled down version for amateurs like me!

Social Media Tools – Connect with people around the globe to share what you know or think! **Not all of these are free sites or tools.

  •  YouTube – More videos to watch then there are people on the planet. It’s not my fault if you get in trouble at work.
  • Twitter – Wanna be like Austin Kutcher or Shaq? Come here and tweet to your heart’s content.
  • TweetDeck – An easy dash board type tool to keep all your social network contacts in one place!
  • Picasa – Google’s online photo album that allows you to share you photos with whoever you want.
  •  Facebook – Unless you’ve been living on the moon the last few years, I don’t need to explain this one.
  • MySpace  – Yes people still use it, but mainly for music and movie promotion, or if you’re 13.
  • Flickr – Another simple to use online photo album storage and showcase site. Easy uploading of pics to my sites.
  • WordPress – Want to build your own blog or web site but don’t know html? Check out this site.
  • Weebly – The host of my sites – easy to use drag and drop interface.
  • Blogger – Google’s blog maker. What can’t they do for you?!
  • Google Sites  – Are you a Google fanatic? Then go here to use their site building software.
  •  iTunes – Not really a tool, but who can work without some funky beats giving you inspiration??
  • Tumblr – The easiest way to blog, or at least another format to check out before committing. I have a “fun” one.

Collaboration Tools

  • Google Docs & Groups– The easiest way to work collaboratively on one document that I’ve seen (Gmail required)
  •  Skype – Talk to friends, family, and colleagues on the other side of the world over your computer, for free!
  • Blackboard – A virtual learning platform that allows for content of all types, discussions, and collaboration.
  • Go To Meeting – Easy web conferencing and online meeting platforms.
  • Wimba  – Collaborative solutions for educators and businesses. Part of the Blackboard family.
  • BaseCamp – Online project collaboration and management made easy.
  •  – I used this (large) file transfer site to send my iMovie to a professor. Super easy to use. Online Research Sites, Journals, Magazines, and Blogs
  • Mashable – Social Media news, tips, and guidance. Awesome technology info site!
  • StumbleUpon – Tell them what you’re into, and they’ll randomly provide you with cool sites. Pretty nifty.
  • Delicious – “The freshest bookmarks that are flying like hot cakes!”
  • Inc. Magazine – one of my personal favorites – business tips, to marketing strategies to social media tool usage.
  • Yelp– Do you value the opinions of others? Don’t always take businesses at their word? Look’em up on Yelp then!
  • MyntPR – A good friend’s online tech PR firm. A great example of how to run your business.
  • Articulate – a savy ISD and blog veteran provided tips and tricks for creating sites or delivering training
  • Social Media Today – tips for running successful social media networks, using them for PR purposes, and more!
  • All My Faves – if you haven’t seen this site, I won’t ruin it for you. “The only bookmark you’ll ever need!”
  • Tech Crunch – cool techy news
  • Wired – The magazine online for news relating tech, cars, social, and more.
  • Tech & Learning – a friendly blog for tech, apps, and more.
  • eHow – Learn how to do everything. Literally everything. Great research site.
  • Wikipedia – No more need for the cumbersome World Book Encyclopedias of yesteryear!
  • Customer Service Zone – A useful journal and article database sight I used frequently during my Stay Classy work.
  • – A social media marketing agency with a very cool and informative blog.

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